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Our club is situated on a Ranch in the small village Radunic near Ogorje, around an hour away from the town of Split.

The Ranch house offers basic accommodation in double and triple rooms and shared facilities. The bathrooms are to be shared between guests. The rooms are basic and simply furnished with single and double beds. Single rooms are upon request and on a small additional charge. Otherwise you must expect to share rooms with other guests on the trails.

Depending on the weather meals are taken outside on the terrace or inside in the clubroom. In summer our garden with big nut and cherry trees offer enjoyable shadow.

On the trails we will be sleeping in various places including a hay barn in sleeping bags. Please note accommodation may vary.

Our concern is that you receive tasty food including two hot meals per day, which is always freshly prepared. We will be cooking outside on open fire or enjoy traditional Dalmaian food with homegrown vegetables, fruits and meat in restaurants or private houses. We can also enjoy typical Croatian specialities as domestic wines and schnapps or cheese hand made 'the old way' form goat's, sheep and cow's milk. Vegetarian dishes and special diets can be catered for.

Alcoholic drinks, such as spirits and wine are often locally produced. The most famous spirits include walnut, honey, grape and plum schnapps. There is always a possibility to take a bottle of schnapps or traditional cheese home.


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